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More information about our appointments

Working with your GP

We aim to provide a shared care model with your GP. We work hard to support your GP in being able to provide the hormone therapy we advise in your consultation. It is always best practice for patients, GPs and specialists to all work together from the outset. Your GP is your consultant in primary care. We strongly advise that you discuss with your GP that you are considering hormone treatment. This should be done before your appointment with us to ensure the best chance of achieving a collaborative professional approach.


We cannot however guarantee that your GP will accept our shared care model. In the event of your GP not accepting a shared care approach in relation to your gender treatment, we can provide private prescriptions. We do not charge for this service, provided you remain under our care for follow up and monitoring purposes.

If a private prescription is given, you are responsible for paying the NHS tariff price for the actual drug prescribed. This can actually cost less than a standard NHS prescription cost. However the cost can be more than standard NHS prescription cost if you are prescribed injectables.


In the event that we advise injectable GnRH analogues – blockers – but these are not supported by your GP practice we can offer alternative treatments, such as intra nasal preparations.  We may also be able to make arrangements for injections to be given at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Please contact Jason Batchelor our practice manager after your prescribing appointment should you encounter any difficulties, and we will endeavour to support you as best we can.

General Endocrinology and Weight Management

We offer a consultant led service providing patient advice & treatment for the following therapeutic areas, gender medicine, general endocrine, menopause & weight management, including issues with:


  • Thyroid

  • Osteoporosis

  • Parathyroid

  • Hypogonadism

  • Hypertension- related to endocrine causes

  • Menopause- holistic treatment options for menopausal symptoms

The world of treatment options and new medications has opened up in recent years with the addition of OZEMPIC WEGOVY and MOUNJARO.

New NICE guidelines for people living with obesity are really exciting and finally offer serious recognition for this complex disease

Appointments & waiting times

We see patients each Tuesday and Wednesday evening. We also run a clinic on alternate Saturday mornings.


Currently all appointments are offered on a virtual basis via videoconferencing. We have no plans to change this approach as it allows patients from outside the Yorkshire region to access our care without excessive travel.


It is vital that you have internet and good quality video call capability for your consultation. We are unable to offer consultations over the telephone.


After your initial appointment, we offer follow ups at 3 or 6 months, then 6 monthly for the first year, then annually thereafter.


My current waiting time for private patients is 6 weeks.

The waiting lists for NHS care are considerably longer, but it is recommended you join an NHS GIC as they can provide a holistic service including speech and language therapy, ongoing psychological support and access to gender reassignment surgeons.


- For a list of fees please contact Jason Batchelor at

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