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Gender Endocrinology 

Offering services for patients with a supportive gender dysphoria/ incongruence diagnosis

Also, we support patients with general endocrinology issues relating to weight loss and the menopause.

Victoria Millson-Brown

Dr Victoria Millson-Brown MBBS MRCP
Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology


I am a substantive NHS Consultant General Physician and Consultant Endocrinologist and the endocrinology lead for the Leeds Regional Gender Identity Service. I am also a member of BAGIS and WPATH. I have HM Tribunal recognition as a transgender expert.


I graduated from Newcastle Medical School, after completing a diploma in Human Sciences at Durham University. Prior to training as a doctor, I spent ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. 


I have over a decade of NHS experience as a general physician and a further 5 years in higher specialty training to qualify as a Consultant Endocrinologist. 


My interest in gender medicine began early on in my registrar career. I am passionate about giving excellent patient care, blending expectations with safe medical practices. 


As a Consultant Endocrinologist, I am keen to develop junior medical staff in the field of gender medicine. 


Please get in touch to arrange an appointment

Contact my practice manager Jason Batchelor via email at

Consultation Process



We accept referrals for anyone aged 18 and over, from any specialist gender psychiatrist/ psychologist following a supportive gender dysphoria/ incongruence diagnosis. 


We do not provide bridging hormones. 

We are happy to accept patients who have previously been started on hormones by other clinicians, provided they have a supportive gender dysphoria/ incongruence diagnosis.


Hormone Therapy

During your consultation a full medical history will be taken along with details of any relevant lifestyle choices. We will discuss each individuals’ expectations of hormonal goals.


Factors such as age, smoking history, BMI and family history can influence cross-sex hormone options.


Safety is key and it underpins our clinical practice, however we do endeavour to offer a high degree of patient centred individualised care plan to meet your needs.


Pre-Clinic Preparation

Usually, patients have obtained up-to-date blood test results at the time of diagnosis and many gender specialists in fact advise patients on the blood tests needed to be considered for hormones.


If you don’t have up-to-date blood test results prior to your diagnosis assessment, it is vital you get the tests done before requesting an appointment to see us.


Pre-Clinic Requirements

If you don’t have up-to-date blood test results prior to your diagnosis assessment, it is vital you get the tests done before requesting an appointment to see us.

We require the following prior to a consultation:


Test Results Required

  • Full blood count

  • Urea and electrolytes

  • Liver function tests

  • Lipids

  • HbA1c

  • Bone profile- including calcium

  • Testosterone

  • Oestradiol

  • SHBG

  • Prolactin

  • FSH/LH

  • Free T4

  • TSH


Additional Required Information

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Blood pressure* - from GP/ practice nurse. *If you are unable to obtain this from your GP, please go to Boots or Lloyds chemist for a print-out

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